This is insane. I am one week shy of my last final and two weeks shy of graduation. GRADUATION. I cannot believe it is finally here.

 It feels so bittersweet and if you asked me as I left for  The Ohio State University in September of 2007, I would not have even guessed that this is where I would have been today. Back then, the plan was Ohio State for 4 years (3 if I worked hard) and graduation from a top journalism school with a journalism degree and a minor in politics (with a "program" of economics). I might be a little bit of an over-achiever.

I am proud to say though, that through the turbulence that led me back to California and ultimately CSUN, I never lost sight of my dream or my major. I've always known that this is what is right for me. Slowly but surely I've been working on the blog and making it legitimate to become a real magazine for teen girls to read someday. That dream will never die - even if I succumb to "failure" like 90% of magazines. I will still have Warrior Queen for myself, my friends, and most importantly my young cousins and future children. 

After graduation, I'm not sure what is to come yet. I'm applying for jobs, looking for freelance work and serving. I may not know what is exactly ahead, but I know that I'm going to greet it the same way I always do - with determination to succeed and dedication to myself. 

This area is where I can keep myself and whoever chooses to read this site updated on my career plans, goals and happenings. I will keep updating my articles and multimedia files as I create more. The Warrior Queen blog will be on a set schedule.

Thank you, to all that have supported me through this journey. From Mrs. Schaefer (C$) who always pushed me to realize my dream and do my hardest, to the Ohio State Alumni Association who still supports me though I transferred back home, thank you. Thank you to my mother, father, best friends, aunts, uncles, cousins and "adopted" family. Thank you to my professors at CSUN who created a fantastic learning environment, accepted my quirkiness and knew I could succeed (this especially includes you Melissa!!). Lastly, thank you to those of you who have already helped me with my career goals - Christina at LA Parent, Steve and Jim at Hollywood Music Magazine, Amber for the donations for Warrior Queen and Iman for your devotion to the movement because of your love for me. 

Summer's coming - and for me that always means a beautiful and exciting change! I am so excited to embrace this.


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