Well, today is the first day of Summer so I thought it best to update this blog. I should be finishing my video tutorials for Planet Bravo's Techno-tainment summer camp. (Don't worry, Danny, I'm watching and learning these programs!), but a quick blog post won't interrupt much.

This week I started at the summer camp. It's really superbly cool. I am learning all types of programs (Adobe Premiere, Acid Music, Scratch Design, Fusion) and teaching it to groups of kids age 7-13 for the next seven weeks. We don't spend all of our time on computers, of course. We get to play all of the fun kid camp games with our own twist on them. Tomorrow we're learning one called Exploding Enchiladas. That just sounds like the best game. 

At camp we also do something called Surprise Seminars. These are 20-30 minute presentations and interactive learning with the kids about something that is not camp related. My ideas have included things like empowering young girls (which...I quickly learned that some weeks we don't have any girls at camp, out of 55 students!) and a yearbook style page for them to pdf and take home. 

After and during camp, I plan on freelancing, so if anyone has any ideas share them with me at raewynsmithwq@gmail.com.  I'm also looking for any job in the magazine industry or with kids - particularly pre-teen girls. I just know that this will help me with Warrior Queen.

Have a great day,

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